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Celebrities Who Paint - Your favorite popstars have a hidden skill

Celebrities Who Paint  - Your favorite popstars have a hidden skill

1. Jim Carrey

Actor and comedian Carrey has been painting since he was a kid And for several years now, Carrey has been making art that is as emotive as his work as an actor. When not involved in new movie projects, he spends time in his New York art studio.


2. Halsey

The pop star created five signed fine art pieces LIVE while also singing for fans during their "Love and Power" Tour and auctioned them at Sotheby’s Contemporary Discoveries each for $5000-$7000 solely to benefit right to abortion after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.


3. Prince Charles

Since 1997, Charles has earned nearly $3 million from the sales of prints of his watercolor paintings, making him one of the country’s best-selling living artists. He likes to paint rural landscapes in soft and bucolic watercolors that go back to the beginning of England's “En plein air,” which is the act of painting outdoors.


4. Paul McCartney

"The Beatles" fame McCartney has been a committed painter for more than thirty years . He finds in his work on canvas, both a respite from the world and another outlet for his drive to create. Initially inspired by William de Kooning, his paintings used to be a very private endeavor until 1999 when he decided to share his artwork with a public exhibition and a book titled “Paul McCartney Paintings.”


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