About Art and Charlie

Art and Charlie is an art gallery that is exploring a new format. Like traditional galleries we work with artists and curate exhibits, but we differ from them in our approach towards space. Our mission is to experiment with innovative ways to increase people's engagement with the visual arts through a multi-venue partner format.

We are too used to seeing art in clean white cubed gallery spaces but there is so much potential for art to talk to it's surroundings. Once out of a gallery, the artwork never really sees a clinical white space like a gallery again. Choosing artworks to display in venues that are more human, more liveable and more fit for the artwork itself is what we are looking to explore.

Art is often perceived by many as inaccessible or intimidating. At Art and Charlie, we want to break these notional barriers and make art accessible to every person, every Charlie. We use Charlie to signify every person who is interested in viewing, understanding or collecting art, irrespective of whether they have formally learnt about art.  

We are currently based in Mumbai, India. Our head office is in Bandra West. 


Meet the gallerist

An ex-McKinsey consultant and a chartered accountant, Ayesha Parikh's early years after college set her up for all the basic skills for entrepreneurship. That said, what she holds most dear from these years is the opportunity to travel and visit some of the best museums, fairs and galleries of contemporary art the world had to offer. Five years into the workforce, her love for visual art became too hard to ignore and she started attending evening courses at institutions like Sotheby's and Node Center for Curation Studies to learn more about the art world. When the moment presented itself, she left the corporate world to start Art and Charlie in Mumbai. 

Gallerist Ayesha Parikh

Ayesha Parikh, Founder at Art and Charlie