• A new gallery format, unconfined to a single venue

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A new gallery format, unconfined to a single venue

Showcasing contemporary artists with voices we believe in

Beyond the white cube, into the everyday

Making collecting, patronage, and curiosity less daunting

Most recent exhibit: Tasawuur, a solo show by Sajid Wajid Shaikh

We are Art and Charlie

We want to change the notional barriers around art, that result in its common perception as intimidating or inaccessible.

Our identity comes from the the etymological battle between Charles, a name popularised by European monarchs and the Germanic noun Karl, representing the free man, which symbolises our efforts towards democratising art.

Breaking away from confines of a singular venue

Like traditional galleries we work with artists and curate exhibits, although we do not believe in being confined to a single venue. We are too used to seeing art in clean white cubed gallery spaces but there is so much potential for art to talk to its surroundings. Once out of a gallery, the artwork never really sees a clinical white space like a gallery again. Choosing artworks to display in venues that are more human, more liveable and more fit for the artwork itself is what we are looking to explore.

Cafes, restaurants, furniture shops, offices, new property developments, warehouses, co-working spaces - we are excited about exploring the potential of all types of spaces.

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Art and Charlie

At Kuckeliku Breakfast House,
Kamal Mansion 1st Floor, Above Mezban Restaurant, Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai

Open 8am - 9pm

Everyday except Wednesdays

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