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We are committed to exploring what lies beyond the white cube. 

We started as a nomadic gallery that curated shows at different venues across Mumbai, and grew to showcase at Mumbai Gallery Weekend in 2020 alongside more-established art houses. During the pandemic, we pivoted to a fully virtual art platform, and are now transitioning to a gallery space in the heart of Mumbai’s creative consciousness. 

Set to open to the public on the 7th of October, our new space in Bandra will showcase exciting contemporary visual artists from across India around the year, as well as experiential interactions. 

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Preview - 10 December, exhibit ends 8 Jan 2023

'The Garden of Icarus' by Meghna Singh Patpatia

“Look, up at the sky. There is a light, a beauty up there, that no shadow can touch.”- J.R.R. Tolkien

The landscapes that surround us are fragile, splendid and transient. The beauty of a luminous sky can only be marveled at from afar; what if we reached for the sun like Icarus did?  

Magic makes us believe in the impossible, giving rise to dreamlike imagery. Somewhere in these mountain pathways and streams we find ourselves immersing into these celestial reflections. Establishing an illusion of contact momentarily. 

To skim the surface of the ocean, nor fly too close to the sun - were the instructions given to a winged Icarus. A parallel is drawn to the balance through adaptation that creatures around us endure due to human intervention. Our ecosystem and its intricacies create elusive poetry with changing light. 

Surreal portals for Icarus have been rendered through anthropomorphic elements here. A record of our coexisting ecology through repetition of patterns. Those found in geological formations, glacier moraines, foliage and myriad surfaces. Navigation apparatus ferrying biodiversity undergoing transformative shifts. While sentient beings slowly edge towards extinction, these painted drawings render the marvel of balance in our existence and environment.  

Winged beings soar, fall, flutter, their existential woes defined by trial and error. 


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