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We are committed to exploring what lies beyond the white cube. 

We started as a nomadic gallery that curated shows at different venues across Mumbai, and grew to showcase at Mumbai Gallery Weekend in 2020 alongside more-established art houses. During the pandemic, we pivoted to a fully virtual art platform, and are now transitioning to a gallery space in the heart of Mumbai’s creative consciousness. 

Set to open to the public on the 7th of October, our new space in Bandra will showcase exciting contemporary visual artists from across India around the year, as well as experiential interactions. 

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Preview - 12 January, exhibit ends 25 Feb 2023

The Illusion of Home, curated by Ayesha Parikh

Artists Jasjyot Singh Hans, Ranjeeta Kumari, Osheen Siva and Arvind Sundar

Back and forth between memory and aspiration, we are often caught in an eternal chase to find Home. Perhaps Home is a fantasy we create to deal with the incongruity of everyday life with our deeper desires. Over time the description of this fantasy becomes rigid, unchanging. We cling on to it for so long that we find comfort in its delusional boundaries. Perhaps Home is a moment in time that can never hold still. A shapeshifting mirage that fleetingly feels within reach, only to slip away when you get close. The memory of Home soaks effortlessly into desire, desire into hope, hope into yearning. This yearning is Home now.

Jasjyot Singh Hans addresses the elusive nature of home and belonging. Ranjeeta Kumari navigates along the tender lines of home, memory and identity. Osheen Siva explores the vulnerability of the act of intimacy, solidarity and affinity as Home. Arvind Sundar plays with visual abstractions of Home through geometry and chaos theory, while reflecting on how everywhere can be Home, all one has to do is believe that it is.


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