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Welcome to Art and Charlie

We are committed to exploring what lies beyond the white cube. 

We started as a nomadic gallery that curated shows at different venues across Mumbai, and grew to showcase at Mumbai Gallery Weekend in 2021 alongside more-established art houses. During the pandemic, we pivoted to a fully virtual art platform, and are now a full service art gallery in Bandra, the heart of Mumbai’s creative consciousness. 

We represent contemporary visual artists from South Asia whose practices add to anthropological discourses of our time.

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Preview - 29th June, Saturday, 6pm onwards. On view till 09th August 2024

‘Here to stay’

Anup Shrivastava | Arslan Farooqi | Kumar Misal | Laxmipriya Panigrahi | Meghna Singh Patpatia | Poonam Jain | Ravi Kumar Chaurasiya | Saviya Lopes | Vyom | Yogesh Barve

Development means much more than infrastructure. Culture and society also undergo small and big transformations to keep up with the changes in context. These intangible shifts in human consciousness and behaviour over time are felt most deeply through the voices of the forebearers of culture, artists.

We are a complex country with a colonial past, institutionalised allure for the West and deep purpose for a progression in our own identity on the world stage. Areas of development or the lack thereof have impacted our corner of the world in many ways that are different to that of the rest.

Addressing the nuances of our people, contemporary artists in this exhibition voice who we are, what we remember and who we want to be as a society today. Through their own visual language one that is indisputably South Asian in aesthetic, narrative and historical context, they signal change. These artists and their voices are here to stay.

Past Exhibition Catalogues

Three Questions at Once

May '24


Off Margins

March '24


Why the fuck should everything be convenient?

January '24


Present Present

December '23



October '23



May '23


Dear Tereza...

March '23


The Illusion of Home

January '23


The Garden of Icarus

December '22



October '22


AF Weekender

September '22


Selected Artworks

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Rs. 20,000.00
Rs. 27,500.00
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Rs. 20,000.00

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Contemporary art – What makes it special?

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Can we trace queer references from the Ancient Literature of India?

Queer Identities from Local Traditions

Queer Identities from Local Traditions

National Moon Day - Contemporary art works inspired by the moon

National Moon Day - Contemporary art works inspired by the moon

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