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National Moon Day - Contemporary art works inspired by the moon

National Moon Day - Contemporary art works inspired by the moon

As we celebrate humankind’s first landing on the moon this National Moon Day, here are some pieces of contemporary art that appreciate the celestial being in its full glory.

1. Private Moon by Leonid Tishkov-

The Private Moon is a photographic journey of a man who met the Moon and decided to take her wherever he goes. The installation and visual poetry series started by Leonid Tishkov in 2003, in collaboration with photographer Boris Bendikov, emerged first in Moscow and has traveled to countries like France, Japan, Italy, Kazakhstan, and even The Arctic. The fairytale-like story shows the man treating the personified crescent moon like his better half and taking care of her in every corner of the world. 


2. Museum of the Moon by Luke Jerram

This colossal illustration of the moon by Luke Jerram brings new musical compositions and narratives as it travels around the world putting up shows across China, India, Australia, France, and the UK. With every new location, the piece unveils fresh cultural attributes of the heavenly body based on the mythologies of that region.


3.Conditions Apply 2 by Jitish Kallat

Created in 2010, as a subsequent piece to Conditions Apply, this Jitish Kallat artwork explores the idea of scarcity in basic resources through this morphosis between the moon and roti, an Indian staple food. It represents the entire lunar cycle with full and half-eaten rotis, producing a discussion about middle-class sustenance through food. 


4. Moon Games by Laurent Lavender


A creative play on the art of juxtaposition, this photo collection by Laurent Lavender makes people feel closer to the moon. The series shows human subjects interacting with the moon with different props, transforming the moon into a balloon, a scoop of ice cream, and a painting. The series has been turned into a calendar and a French poetry book. 


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