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Art in the urban streets of Germany

Art in the urban streets of Germany

Street art is taking over urban areas in Germany. But it's not all about spraying or tagging. In many places, you may find eye-catching art conveying socio-political messages too.


1. Berlin

Street artists have transformed the Berlin wall into a brightly covered monument to freedom and reconciliation. The Fraternal Kiss by Dmitri Vrubel is one of the famous works here. Artist Kripo has painted yellow fists all over the city. Most iconic Banksy art is found on the streets of Berlin. Along with Banksy, many artists have left their mark on the streets of Berlin including Victor Ash, JR, BLU, the twins amongst many others.


2. Munich

One will find young artists painting walls on the streets of Munich over weekends. This city has also commissioned artists to beautify pulic utility buildings. Munich is known for its stencil art along with graffiti. This art catches attention easily and is mostly created by anonymous artists. One of the underpasses in the city contains a mural by a famous artist Loomit.


3. Cologne

One is bound to encounter street art at almost every corner while visiting Cologne. It is known for its large scale murals and is known for works by international artists like ROA, Herakut, Faith47, INTI. Along with them, a lot of small scale works by local artists are available to discover on gates, facades and pavements.


4. Frankfurt

Frankfurt has actively supported the “Open Air Gallery Frankfurt” initiative that is committed to promoting this urban art form in public spaces and the city contains some legal surfaces for street art. Brazilian artist Nunca has painted Brazilian culture of the indigenous people on the streets of Frankfurt amongst many.


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