Nestled within the old-world charm of Bandra’s by lanes, Art and Charlie is a gallery unlike any other - occupying a bright red bungalow in quaint Pali Village that has been transformed into a cultural hub housing an art gallery, performance venue, gift shop, and café. 
Art and Charlie is breaking the notional barriers that cause art to be perceived by many as inaccessible, intimidating, and an experience for the elites. We seek to make art approachable to every person, every Charlie.
Alongside exciting contemporary visual art showcases from artists across the country and beyond, Art and Charlie also curates thought-provoking and culture-centric theatre and art performances, film screenings, and workshops every weekend at the space.
Art and Charlie encourages its viewers to engage in interactions that go beyond art on the walls. Aiming to increase the engagement younger generations have with visual arts, much thought has been put into bringing a unique space that offers people a chance to consume some espresso with their art. Art and Charlie’s cafe is operated by SUBKO, one of Mumbai’s most-cherished roasteries, so guests can drop by whenever.