Meghna Singh Patpatia's artworks are exclusively on preview at the gallery in Bandra, Mumbai till the end of November. 

Artist Bio

She completed her education BFA (Major-Painting) from Sir. J.J School of Art in 2009. Followed by a Post-Graduation in Museology & Conservation studies in 2010 from the CSMVS Museum, Mumbai. Meghna’s art practice explores the study of natural formations and geological patterns. Her painted drawings are created using textured paper in layers on textile creating a fragile terrain, upon which she draws formations of natural elements that adapt to an ever changing environment reflecting the fragility of our existence. In recent times she has been exploring working with mixed mediums including glass and found object assemblages that are more reflective of our confinement during the pandemic worldwide. Meghna lives and works in Bombay, India.