Handwriting the Indian Constitution
To celebrate Independence Day, we invite you all to a 'Handwriting the Constitution' session on Sunday 15th August 2021, 12pm.

Originally conceived as a social art project by Morgan O' Hara, this practice helps participants know their rights, deepens their understanding of protections of these rights, and helps resist negative thinking.

"The goal of this art practice is to encourage people to hold their own Handwriting sessions on a recurring basis; to create a physical and psychological space that explores the practice of concentrated writing as an art form, and a process designed to bring people together in a quiet and calming way, all by focusing on human rights. It has been identified as a powerful and transformative form of activism for introverts." - Morgan O'Hara

In our session, we will invite participants to silently write the Preamble of the Indian Constitution, focusing on the values that underpin the Indian nation and article 19 which focuses on Freedom of speech and expression. After the silent act of writing, we will invite participants to share their thoughts on how this session has affected their understanding of the Indian Constitution.

All participants will need a pen/pencil and paper to participate in the session. We will send you a zoom link for our virtual session on the morning of 15th August.

Registrations close at 11.30am on 15th August.