Arvind Sundar's artworks are exclusively on preview at the gallery in Bandra, Mumbai till the end of November. 


Artist Bio

Arvind Sundar (1993, Coimbatore) completed his Masters in Painting and drawing (MFA) from University of Cincinnati, USA (2018). He attained a Prior Degree course at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA (2016). He is the recipient of Wolstein travel fellowship for the year 2017. He travelled across Italy on the fellowship studying the renaissance painting and sculpture. He was

awarded the Presidential Scholarship of School of the art institute of Chicago for the year 2015. He is also the recipient of Graduate Assistant Scholarship (100% Scholarship) at University of Cincinnati. He has also been shortlisted for the Notable Artist award 2022 by Artbuzz India. He has taken part in more than 40 shows across the globe. His work primarily revolves around idea of play. He plays with the concepts related to geometry, grid and mathematics. His play results in compositions reflecting the spiritual and physical connectedness to mathematical/geometrical systems. Right now, he practices art from his hometown of Coimbatore.