'Untitled' by Vyom Mehta

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40 x 52 inches, Framed

Indian Ink on Hand made paper

About the artwork

Vyom Mehta draws inspiration from traditional folklore he heard from local artisans he interacted with during travels with his mother. Vyom Mehta’s series, ‘Creature Constant’, creates a world in which the ‘other’ is not known as much as felt. Each one of us has felt like the ‘other’. It is this sense memory that appears to take form here. This cast of characters from an untold story, reveals the artist’s practice: incorrigibly mindful of ‘the other’. “Who?”

About the artist

Vyom's work evokes a diverse world of non-human presences, beings in continuing flux;  through play and discovery, and shifts of power – in being, constant. Vyom carries the  germs of his early apprenticeship with Lynda Bengalis in America in as much as his more  recent work with the potters of Mandla, Madhya Pradesh and Molela, Rajasthan as part of  a livelihoods programme administered by the Asian Heritage Foundation. Vyom recently  completed a project with Goethe Institut Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai. His most recent  exhibits include a showcase at Kasturbhai Lalbhai Museum of Art, Ahmedabad. Vyom is a  trained sculptor from the Faculty of Fine Arts at M.S.U, Baroda. He has exhibited works at  the India Art Fair Delhi, Jaipur Lit Fest, The guild and Nehru Center in Mumbai among  others. As a sculptor, materials like metal, terracotta, cement and paper mâché often feature in his practice.