Tasawuur, Line Drawings

 Sajid’s art practice has led him on a never-ending quest to better comprehend the chasm between the conscious and subconscious states of mind. The line drawings become a medium to access this ever elusive and ever changing state of the subconscious. Each time the artist completes a line drawing, a recurring illusion of having traversed one step closer to the subconscious sets in, only to later fade away. 

To Sajid, the act of drawing fine lines in rhythmic patterns with a Rotring pen creates a state of hypnosis similar to the act of repetitive chanting during meditation. There is a familiar sense of spirituality that art harbours, which he brings to fruition through these drawings. The mother of pearl works are an extended material exploration of the line drawings where Sajid handpicks his most cherished impressions, whether from a recurring dream or time spent with a loved one.